Hi, we're Smark Tees, you're probably wondering who we are?

Well let me tell you something BROTHER. Here at Smark Tees we create designs based on popular wrestling gimmicks but with our own signature Smark Tees spin on them. We're British based fans of wrestling from WWE to New Japan to Ring Of Honour to WCPW. But that's not all we're about. 

Because wrestling has given us so much over the years we're donating 10% of our total profits every year to the Concussion Legacy Foundation set up by former WWE superstar Chris Nowinski. 

Our aim is to release new ranges inspired by specific period in wrestling history. We'll release individual wrestlers merchandise, live event posters and dirt sheets to accompany the time and give a little back story and history, Our first range "Era 1: AGPW" is a 70's regional promotion based in Colorado (we've never been, we hear it's lovely).

Check back to our own Dirt Sheet (link above) for all the latest news or find us on Facebook or Instagram (links below).

And thats the bottom line... because Smark Tees said so